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2019 Traffic Records Forum

ATSIP would like to Thank all participants of the 2019 Traffic Records Forum! We look forward to seeing you next year in Nashville, TN for the 2020 forum!

Our host hotel was the lovely, Renaissance Austin Hotel, which is located within easy walking distance of shopping and dining locations, and a short cab ride to Austin's entertainment districts.

2019 Forum Attendee List 


Nadia is Uber's global public policy lead for road and traffic safety. Nadia will be highlighting Uber's recent programs and strategies including the use of data and technology to create innovative safety measures for their drivers and the communities they serve. Nadia and her team at Uber are committed to solving some of the toughest challenges we're facing as a society, as we strive toward the goal of sustainable and inclusive cities for all.


Judge Diane Bull served as the presiding judge of County Criminal Court #11, a Harris County Texas court that hears criminal misdemeanor cases for the past 25 years. A co-founder of the program, Judge Bull presided over one of five SOBER (Saving Ourselves By Education and Recovery) DWI Court dockets in Houston for the past ten years.

Judge Bull has received numerous awards including the 2018 Kevin E. Quinlan Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety, as well as recognition and honors for her work in treatment courts and various court-sponsored projects with local charities. She has served on and chaired many committees for the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law, the Texas Center for the Judiciary and the Houston Bar Association. She was the presiding Judge of the 15 Harris County misdemeanor courts, Chair of the Harris County Specialty Courts Committee, ad past chair of the DWI Curriculum Committee for the Texas Center of the Judiciary.

Judge Bull will be discussing the importance of accurate traffic records for court purposes as well as how clarity/uniformity in jurisdictional reporting styles would be a worthy goal in the traffic records community.


Ashley Nylen, PMP is the Connected and Autonomous Technologies Program Manager for the Colorado Department of Transportation. Ms. Nylen is responsible for the programmatic research, development, and initiatives related to the development of Colorado's network for connected and autonomous vehicle technologies. Currently, her work focuses on understanding and enabling a digital infrastructure that can improve safety and mobility in Colorado, by leveraging technology and data. Prior to joining CDOT, Ms. Nylen served as the Director of Automated Driving Systems Research at the National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa. During her time there, she oversaw the USDOT designated automated vehicle proving ground in Eastern Iowa, served as the lead project manager for efforts with the Iowa DOT, and led research related to advanced driver assistance systems and higher levels of vehicle technology. Ms. Nylen will discuss how the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has leveraged technology and data in their daily operation. She will discuss how CDOT has prepared for and deployed various new technologies and data within the State of Colorado.


2019 Sponsors






Center for Advanced Public Safety


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Who Attends?

Data analysts, state and local law enforcement officials, engineers, motor vehicle officials, emergency medical services providers, judicial administrators, and highway safety professionals from across the United States and international communities.

Attendees can:

  • Attend sessions for the latest safety data collection methods and best practices
  • Learn how to:
    • improve the accuracy of traffic records and highway safety data
    • apply performance goals/measures in traffic records system improvements
    • implement a model traffic records system
    • organize and operate a successful traffic records committee
  • Recognize the importance of standards and guidelines for traffic records systems
  • Become acquainted with new technologies and ideas
  • Network with a variety of transportation and highway safety professionals, AND
  • Discover how better data can help save lives