Creating a Longitudinal Linked Traffic/Injury Records Database: The Nevada Experience I ppt


The University of Nevada Las Vegas, School of Medicine receives funding from multiple agencies to pursue acquiring secondary traffic records data to create a unique statewide database. Currently, crash records and trauma registry records are linked (years 2005-2017) which includes information such as injury, outcomes, and economic data. This presentation will review the origination and evolution of this database, challenges in achieving data sharing across multiple partners, data-set limitations, and future directions. Examples of practical data analyses generated to inform injury prevention and advocacy initiatives will be provided. The goal is to share useful information with other states seeking to create similar linked databases.


Laura Gryder | Project Director | UNLV School of Medicine

Deborah Kuhls | Professor of Surgery | UNLV School of Medicine

Samantha Slinkard | Research Assistant | UNLV School of Medicine