Data Visualization and Integration for Research: An Example from Charlotte, NC I ppt


FHWA’s Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) project team is developing an interactive geospatial platform of transportation safety data in Charlotte, NC. This platform provides researchers and educators access to high-quality and integrated safety data in a format that allows users to view available datasets and download relevant data that apply to their individual research question. This tool will demonstrate the value of integrating traffic, roadway, crash, multimodal, and socioeconomic data and presenting it in a readily accessible platform. This approach reduces the burden on researchers and has the potential to greatly streamline the data collection and integration process.


Yusuf Mohamedshah | Research Highway Safety Specialist | FHWA

Yusuf has a Masters degree from Virginia Tech and a Bachelors degree from Mumbai University in Civil Engineering. Yusuf’s FHWA career involves being a member of Safety Data and Analysis Team, which works to increase highway safety by improving safety data and expanding capabilities for analysis and evaluation of SHRP2 NDS and RID databases. His primary efforts are focused on setting up Safety Training and Analysis Center (STAC) at Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. Yusuf also manages FHWA’s Motorcycle Safety Program. Yusuf has 30+ years of experience working and managing highway safety databases.

Ian Hamilton | Transportation Planner | VHB, Inc.