In Indiana, alcohol-impaired collisions have decreased by 174 from 2013 to 2018, although, research suggests that there were 4 more fatalities due to alcohol impaired collisions in 2018 than 2013. Though there has been a decrease in alcohol-impaired collisions little is known about other impaired collisions. There is a lack of exploration on collision data related to differing types of impaired driving. To address this gap, ICJI analyzed all impaired collisions and how they changed over a six year period (2013-2018). Below is the tableau visualization link.


Elizabeth Farrington | Research Manager | Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

Has been a researcher with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute for a little over two years. I mostly work with traffic safety data and perform research for the Traffic Safety Division. Recently I have working on taking our collision data and putting it into tableau visualizations for the grant managers and police officers so they can understand and interact with their data.