Online Adjudication of Traffic I ppt


Pioneering courts are extending their work to promote safety for the public and improve court operations through offering online adjudication of traffic citations. Hear from several courts around the country who resolve these cases with the public, law enforcement, and prosecutors online.

Courts in Michigan, Arkansas and Texas, have launched online adjudication of traffic tickets. These courts will be able to share their experience on planning, launching, promoting, and maintaining online adjudication of traffic citations and what they have accomplished since launch.


Nicole Corr | Attorney | Nichols Jackson Dillard Hager & Smith LLP

Kevin Barrett | Court Administrator | Farmers Branch Municipal Court

Elisha Fink | Magistrate | Michigan 14A District Court

Lisa Fusik | Deputy Court Administrator | Michigan 14A District Court

Milas “Butch” Hale | Judge | Arkansas Sherwood District Court