This presentation describes an emergency planning transportation data integration initiative to provide research on roadway weather data collection tools and applications, and to develop models that integrate near-real-time data from varied sources including geo-located weather, roadway conditions, sensor data, and vulnerability threats to develop data analytic portals for decision makers and end-users, such as Department of Transportation officials, who need such integrated data for decision making to improve public safety and mobility during adverse weather conditions.


Laura Myers | Director, Center for Advanced Public Safety | The University of Alabama

Laura Myers, Ph.D. (Criminology), is a Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) at The University of Alabama. Her research areas include disaster management and planning, severe weather warning improvement, risk communication, and emergency management. She has received over $600,000 in Department of Homeland Security grants to develop and implement a regional emergency planning model emphasizing partnership planning between the National Weather Service and their weather enterprise partners, including emergency management, broadcast meteorology, and end-users of their products.