The Importance of Integration and Appropriate Methodology in Safety Analysis I ppt


FHWA’s HSIP and related legislation requires that States collect the MIRE FDE. These 37 Elements, a common base map, and a handful of crash elements are the minimum required to perform network screening on all public roads. This workshop will use interactive survey tools to gather information from the audience. To start, the audience will be asked how their TRCC helps in integrating crash and road data. The audience will also be asked what methods they use to conduct safety analysis. After demonstrating the limitations and advantages of several integration techniques and network screening methods, the audience will be re-polled as to what methods they may consider using.


Eric Green | Research Engineer | Kentucky Transportation Center

Eric Green received his PhD in Civil Engineering at UK. He is a research engineer at the Kentucky Transportation Center. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Kentucky, a Roadway Safety Professional (RSP), and a GISP.

Stuart Thompson | FHWA