The Importance of Toxicology Data for Drugged-Driving Surveillance and Countermeasures I ppt

Drugged Driving A Data Perspective I ppt


Marijuana legalization, the opioid epidemic, and the increasing use of potentially impairing prescription drugs has led to a growing concern about drug-impaired driving. Currently available data are woefully inadequate. More complete and consistent toxicology data is needed for drug impaired driving cases, as is better data to support law enforcement and inform public policy. First, Dr. Atkins will present on the current state of play, highlighting needed improvements. Dr. Kerns will then present on the integration of drug-impaired driving data in traffic records systems and the availability of the data for traffic safety professionals. This will be followed by an open discussion.


Randolph Atkins | Chief, Behavioral Research Division | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Tim Kerns | Maryland DOT